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Open Room  is a community of leaders in the public and private sector who are interested in a speedy, inclusive, and cost-efficient energy transition that drives technological and industrial development.

Open Room is a space to encourage objective and rigorous debate on the energy transition

The purpose of Open Room is to promote rigorous and objective discussion between an informed audience about an energy transition based on competition and technological neutrality in which all decarbonization methods are considered and offered to public decision-makers.

In Open Room, experts in the field of energy, opinion leaders, and businesses take the floor to promote an objective, decisive debate on the energy transition

The Open Room community is made up of people with shared interest in the energy transition who may belong to public and private institutions, leading organizations in the field of energy, academic institutions, and society in general

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The energy transition is a reality that poses immense challenges to all production sectors and requires a profound transformation of the energy industry and of our consumption patterns. We invite you to join us and take part.


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