The winners of the University Challenge

The Big Finale in Madrid

A two-day event where the finalists worked and presented their proposals to a jury of experts. The five winners will receive a prize of 12,000 euros each and the chance to apply for a training grant at Repsol.


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The winning teams

Ganadores Reto 1 Challenge Universitario 2024

1st Challenge: Sustainable and decarbonized cities.


Urban gardeners powered by a mini waste treatment plant.

Ganadores Reto 2 Challenge Universitario 2024

2nd Challenge: Sustainable and decarbonized mobility.


Wave energy for the decarbonization of maritime transport.

Ganadores Reto 3 Challenge Universitario 2024

3rd Challenge: Circular economy as a driver for decarbonization.


Recycling of wind farms.

Ganadores Reto 4 Challenge Universitario 2024

4th Challenge: Sustainable and decarbonized industry

Carbon Fighters

Decarbonization of the steel industry through biomass and power-to-gas.

Ganadores Reto 5 Challenge Universitario 2024

5th Challenge:  Energy transition and society

Los Amigos

Marloquinas: smart shelters in rural Spain.