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Addressing issues such as increasing battery autonomy, installing more charging points, or using renewable sources to generate electricity, is crucial to continue advancing towards sustainable mobility goals. Did you know that getting around by car is an increasingly sustainable practice? One of the alternatives to reduce your mobility carbon footprint …

General information 24 Mar 2023

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Tecnical article 07 Mar 2023

Renovating the European Union energy system and reducing excessive dependency on Russian imports requires a commitment to saving, diversifying supplies, and the use of renewable sources. The European Union is facing one of its biggest energy challenges in 2023. In a crisis context caused by the war in Ukraine, with …

General information 23 Feb 2023

The fight against climate change is one of the main challenges facing global society in this century, but what role do forests play in mitigating climate change and what actions are being developed by different countries? This content is only available in Spanish.

Tecnical article 16 Feb 2023

The Spanish government is offering households and businesses a range of subsidies for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable mobility projects. Given the elevated instability of international energy markets since the war in Ukraine began, coupled with soaring energy prices in recent months, many households and businesses are finding it …

General information 13 Jan 2023

EsadeGeo Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics EsadeGeo On May 18, 2022, the European Commission launched the REPowerEU plan, detailing the actions to be taken to end Europe’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels while also tackling the climate crisis and accelerating the energy transition. To analyze this plan and the …

Tecnical article 11 Jan 2023

The heat generated from the Earth's interior is an energy source with great potential that can greatly benefit areas such as electricity production or air conditioning. Geothermal energy is a primary energy source that harnesses the Earth's heat, and thanks to its sustainable characteristics, it could be key in steadily …

General information 12 Dec 2022

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Opinion article 01 Dec 2022
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