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In 1874, Jules Verne wrote in his novel The Mysterious Island: I believe that one day water will be a fuel, that the hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used alone or together, will provide an inexhaustible source of energy and light, with an intensity which coal cannot; since coal …

Opinion article 24 Nov 2022

The forests that populate our planet play a crucial role in naturally and effectively reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Nearly one third of the Earth's surface is covered by different types of forests and, because of the important role they play within the ecosystem, protecting them properly is more …

General information 16 Nov 2022

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Tecnical article 16 Nov 2022

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Tecnical article 08 Nov 2022

Methane has a much shorter atmospheric lifetime than CO2 but is a much more potent greenhouse gas. The Global Methane Pledge goal to reduce antropogenic methane emissions by at least 30% by 2030 from 2020 levels is key to mitigate climate change. Methane is the simplest alkane, a very abundant …

Tecnical article 28 Oct 2022

Establishing an energy system based on using renewable sources also implies guaranteeing the supply of natural resources such as rare earth or nickel, which are necessary to manufacture batteries, solar panels, or wind turbines. In order to fight climate change and effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, one of the most …

General information 25 Oct 2022

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Tecnical article 19 Oct 2022
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