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12 jul 2022
Jordi Llidó Manufacturing Partner al Deloitte

In recent months, the global automotive industry has gone through a period of crisis: from pandemic-induced production stoppages and an accelerated shift to virtual sales to supply chain disruption. In addition, multiple megatrends are impacting the industry - how can suppliers adapt to this rapidly changing market?

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In the past year, automotive suppliers have faced labor shortages as a result of COVID-19, global semiconductor shortages and the sudden shift toward digital sales. Meanwhile, the industry is already undergoing major structural changes as a result of several megatrends, including a shift toward electrification, autonomous driving, connected technologies and shared mobility.

In this fifth edition of the report, we unpack trends in the automotive supply chain and analyze data from nearly 300 of the world's leading automotive suppliers. We examine the challenges and opportunities these suppliers must address to move forward - or even remain viable - in the new market reality.

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