Energy security in the EU: Preparing for an EU without Russian energy

(Webinar in English)

EsadeGeo and Fundación Repsol have organized two webinars to analyze in depth the impacts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the energy system and EU relations. This second webinar focused on key elements related to REPowerEU gas; in particular, the diversification of natural gas supplies and the growing relevance of liquefied natural gas (LNG), the boost to the production of renewable gases such as hydrogen and biomethane, as well as the growing importance of gas storage and its mandatory filling requirements to face periods of crisis.  
Some of the questions addressed were What are the existing and potential bottlenecks that need to be overcome to realize the new renewable hydrogen and biomethane targets? What are the effects of prioritizing proposed technologies, policies and targets over others? How can private investment be increased to support REPowerEU policy goals? What are the differences within Europe in gas storage possibilities?

EsadeGeo Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics Fundación Repsol
Luis Ignacio Parada

Energy Policy & Global Regulation Director, Enagás

Giulia Laura Cancian

Secretary General, European Biogas Association

Laura Rejon Perez

Head of Division, Wholesales and Gas Trading, Repsol