Hydrogen in road transport

The role of hydrogen in the energy transition will be broad and may cover many sectors and uses as a source of energy in transportation, in energy-intensive industries replacing fossil fuels or as a system to store, transport and distribute energy from renewable primary sources.

This webinar addressed the application of hydrogen from renewable sources in the propulsion of land transport vehicles as a means for decarbonization of mobility, justifying the various options currently being studied as its direct use in fuel cells or in thermal engines, combined with other fuels or as a raw material to produce liquid or gaseous fuels with low or zero carbon footprint in its life cycle.

ASEPA Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Fundación Repsol
Jaime Rodriguez

Powertrain Engineering Director en AVL Ibérica

Miguel Angel Alonso Julia

Director de Ingeniería y de Fondos Europeos de Alsa/National Express Group

Vicente Milanés

Innovation Project Manager en el Grupo Renault

Jesús Casanova Kindelán

Professor Motores Térmicos at Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Researcher at INSIA