Marketplace Green Engine For calculation and mitigation of your carbon footprint

Fundación Repsol has launched the marketplace oMotor Verde, an innovative digital platform with which companies and individuals can calculate and mitigate their carbon footprint by participating in the development and implementation of forests located in our immediate environment. A "new economy" project, "low carbon and "full ESG" and with an outstanding economic, social and environmental angle.

Fundación Repsol

Topics of interest

28 Nov 2022
10:30 GMT +1
Mixed event: On-site and Online
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Marcos Fraga

Director of Communication and Corporate Marketing at Repsol

Luis Cabra Dueñas

Executive managing director of Technological Development, Resources, and Sustainability at Repsol

Mar de Andrés

Social and Volunteering Director at Fundación Repsol

Enrique Enciso

Co-founder and CEO of Sylvestris

Enrique Fernandez Puertas

CDO at Repsol

Javier Torres

Director de Repsol Impacto Social

Valero Marín

EMD Client at Repsol

António Calçada de Sá

General Manager of Fundación Repsol

Antonio Brufau

Chairman of Repsol