Diagnosis of the professional road transport sector in Spain

The professional transport of goods and passengers by road is the basis of mobility in our country. Although its importance in the GDP is 5.5%, its activity conditions the development and proper functioning of the rest, which makes up 94.5%.

The changes that are coming as a result of the energy transition and that will affect the sector in a very direct way, can be an opportunity to improve and restructure it.

The Corell Foundation and the Repsol Foundation commissioned the GAD3 Demoscopic Institute to carry out a "Diagnosis of the professional road transport sector in Spain", in order to know in depth the opinion of different professionals with direct relationship and decision-making capacity of the mobility ecosystem in Spain and to identify the main challenges faced by companies and professionals of the professional transport sector.

Based on this report, its conclusions were made public, with the intention of helping to lay the foundations to identify areas for improvement, strengths, weaknesses and, in short: the changes to be undertaken to achieve a structure that will allow us to have a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable sector with the SDG 2030.

Fundación Corell Fundación Repsol
Ángel Bautista

director of Institutional Relations at Repsol

Miguel Angel Ochoa

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Corell Foundation

Ignacio López Cano

Chairman of the Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda Commission of the Congress of Deputies.

Narciso Michavila

President of GAD3

Nuria Lacaci

General Secretary - Asociación de Cargadores de España - ACE

Rafael Barbadillo

President of the Spanish Confederation of Bus Transportation - CONFEBUS

Carmelo González

President of the National Road Transportation Committee (CNTC)

Eduardo González

General Manager of CONTINENTAL and Coordinator of the Mobility Think Tank - Corell Foundation

Daniel Latorre

Development Director at FM Logistic

Adolfo Menéndez


Andrés Lorite

Partido Popular, Spokesperson of the Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda Committee of the Congress of Deputies.

José Manuel Prieto

Deputy Director General for Industry Quality and Safety, MINCOTUR Representative of the CAM administration

Alberto León

Head of e-consulting and new technologies of MERCEDES BENZ

Ramón Valdivia

CE Presidencia de International Road Transport Union