Energy Communities, the commitment to self-consumption

Fundación Repsol and the Escuela Politécnica Superior Mondragón Unibertsitatea held an event on energy communities, in which they presented this new energy model that aims to transform the relationship of consumers with energy to turn them into "prosumers". They explained what an energy community is, what models exist in the market, as well as two success stories.

Conclusions of the event

Energy Communities are not only about installing photovoltaic panels, but they facilitate the first step for citizens to participate in the energy transition in different areas: improving energy efficiency, reducing dependence and reducing the costs of energy consumption. These energy communities will evolve in the future by incorporating storage systems, electric mobility services and a greater interaction between different actors: other communities, grid operators, aggregators...

Public-private collaboration is important in order to promote these models from a social, environmental and economic point of view. Public institutions, such as city councils or regional governments, facilitate the participation of citizens in this type of projects, as they transmit the necessary confidence to tackle this type of partnership that involves several agents. From this point of view, the cooperative model is a key tool, capable of developing a collaborative and participatory management model.

Through public participation and social agents in this type of communities it is also possible to reduce the energy poverty gap. 


  • Ander Goikoetxea: Energy communities.
  • Natalia Díaz de Arcaya: Regulatory Aspects of Energy Communities


Fundación Repsol Universidad de Mondragón Corporación Mondragón
Ander Goikoetxea Arana

Profesor del Área de Almacenamiento de Energía de la Universidad de Mondragón

Maria Ubarretxena Cid

, Alcaldesa de Arrasate - Mondragón

António Calçada de Sá

Vice Chairman Repsol Foundation

Iñigo Ucín

President of Mondragón Corporation

Juan L. Diego Casals

Managing Director at Edinor, S.A. Speaker from Ekiola - Krean

Natalia Díaz de Arcaya

Head of the Distributed Generation and Demand Management Area. Basque Energy Agency (EVE).

Iñaki Peña

Director Red Especialista de Empresas en Laboral Kutxa

Carlos Beracierto

Director de Desarrollo de Negocio en Ekiola Energía Sustapenak, S.L.

Cristina Castillo

Coordinadora de Cruz Roja Guipúzcoa

Iñigo Ansola

General Manager of the Basque Energy Agency (EVE)

Aitor Arzuaga

Consejero Delegado de Alba Emission Free Energy

Vicente Atxa

Rector de la Universidad de Mondragón