Sustainable Mobility: Challenges and Opportunities - Annual Event

Cátedra UPM

The annual event of Fundación Repsol and UPM Chair in Energy Transition focused on Sustainable Mobility. In this event the results of the Chair's activity will be presented, including the presentation of other activities aimed at students, as well as an external intervention presenting the European vision of mobility and a round table with three speakers representing Public administration, private and Academy sectors.

The agenda is being finalized.

Javier Aríztegui

Senior manager of Energy Transition & Mobility at the Repsol Technology Lab

Rafael Borge García

Profesor Titular de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Jesús Casanova Kindelán

Professor Motores Térmicos at Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Researcher at INSIA

Mariano Gonzalez Saez

Viceconsejero de Medio Ambiente y Agricultura de la Comunidad de Madrid

Julio Lumbreras

Profesor Titular de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Alberto Merino

Think Tank Movilidad

Javier Pérez Rodriguez

Professor of the Department of Industrial Chemical Engineering and Environment at the Technical School of Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid

Programa Jornada Anual 2021 Cátedra Movilidad Sostenible


Jornada Anual_Presentación_JCasanova_Nov2021


Jornada Anual_Presentación_RBorge_Nov2021


Jornada Anual_Presentación_JPérez_Nov2021


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