Circular Economy IV: International experiences in waste management

This webinar is in Spanish.

One of the main challenges worldwide is the implementation of solid waste management systems that allow reception, classification, and utilization of daily waste. in 2018 the World Bank had already alerted about the danger of the increase in waste production, from 2.000 million tons in 2018 to 3.400 million tons in 30 years.

There are few states in Europe that comply with the waste goals that the UE regulation sets. It is, therefore, necessary to implement more ambitious measures to boost reusing and recycling.


Welcome and introductions:

  • Joan Batalla, Funseam

Round table:

  • Iñigo Ribas Sangüesa, Repsol
  • Fernando Círez, CIRC4Life 
  • Marcin Lewenstein, ETI Innoenergy

Moderator: Paula María, La Información


  • António Calçada, Fundación Repsol

Fernando Cirez

Coordinador técnico CIRC4Life

Marcin Lewenstein

Thematic Leader, Energy for circular economy de ETI Innoenergy

Iñigo Ribas Sangüesa

Coordinador de Proyectos de Economía Circular de Repsol

Booklet Ciclo Economía Circular 2021


Fundación Repsol